Our objectives

  • Launch the first initiative for wine open-data resources: vineyards, winegrowers, wines, etc.
  • Hear the winegrowers, traders, final consumers and connoisseurs
  • Find and enrich a model to represents these data
  • Share and connect these resources in a linked-data way
  • Show geomappings and dataviz of these resources
  • Enable everyone to contribute to the datasets we shared

Our comitment: All resources we deal with and services we build must remain free and open, forever.

The (very open) Working Group

"I wish to join/contribute!"

Meet us online:

We meet IRL, once a month, in a wine bar


Anyone can ask to join our discussions.

Some of us speak fluently in english, italian and french: just ping us!

Let's have a drink together!

This group is open: Feel free to join us!

We need any kind of point of view & skills. Above all we're looking for a collaborative spirit.