Open Data for Wines

What is OpenWines?

We gather and share genuine open-data resources about wines.

We also publish maps & datavisualizations about wines.

Work in progress!


We are a non-profit organization

We are building an open-data collaborative project about wines, vineyards, varietals, winegrowers & winemakers.

We model and collect wine-related open-data sets. Then we share our work with a simple license agreement: the Open Database License.

Our working group (10+ people) involves IT engineers, geomaticians, standard terminology experts, semantic web supporters, wine industry players, and wine lovers.

We also share informations & open-data based common interests with some public administrations, professional organizations and wine startup clusters.

We need data,
and we will share them!

We need data, with your genuine permissions to share.

Send your materials (csv, xls., json, etc) to:

Any raw data is accepted. All shared data will be reditributed here with a "Share Alike" agreement.
We publish our open-data licensed resources & open-source based tools on, and more on dedicated Github, Slack, Twitter, Trello & Google Groups accounts, all open (read more)